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Jeffrey Preston, CEO of Preston Software, LLC
Jeff Preston is the CEO of Preston Software. His career started with Tandy Corporation providing customer support and technical assistance to their customer base in 1982. He quickly ascended into the corporate management team and oversaw the software support for Tandy’s customer base throughout Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Southern Illinois. He followed technology and became immersed in digital imaging; Mr. Preston worked with the Minolta Product line replacing legacy micrographics storage techniques with more modern digital Imaging. Through his career he has amassed an intense portfolio of knowledge in computer languages, operating systems, network ideologies, and business concepts. In addition, he has garnered extended knowledge in the fields of manufacturing, warehousing, medical, state, federal, and local government.

Mr. Preston worked as an international IT executive for many years traveling to Europe, Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean negotiating technical contracts with government officials in the fields of Defense, Police, and Fire Dispatch systems. In addition, he has served as the Manager of Information Systems over North America for Fosroc Inc., a subsidiary of Burma Castrol (Castrol Motor Oil). 

He was part of the early “dot com” explosion and provided his technical and management skills overseeing the development and operations of the midsize computer system used by which was one of the original “dot coms”. It is still in operation today. In 2009, Mr. Preston started Preston Software providing professional services in the way of consulting, programming, and strategic planning. He has served as an advisor to investors travelling throughout the world evaluating products and services. 

 Ken Dodson, Director of Sales and Marketing
Ken Dodson is the Director of Sales and Marking at Preston Software. Mr. Dodson has thirty-eight years of expertise in Business Development, Marketing, and Strategic Client Development. His career started in 1976 with Footlocker, the largest athletic retailer in the world. He quickly rose through the ranks of management, and became Regional Vice President of Sales and Marketing. During this time, he received numerous awards and accolades related sales, leadership, merchandising, inventory control, and professional development.

Mr. Dodson brought his marketing and sales experience to the largest “small chain” store in the United States (Dollar General). He served as Regional Director and grew the business leading the company in profit and sales. In addition, he provided the same expertise to the largest supplement retailer in the world (GNC). He was selected to lead cultural change and “business improvement”. Mr. Dodson established new niche markets increasing sales 32%.
As part of his executive portfolio he oversaw the acquisition of real estate based on business demographics. Over his career, he has managed sales in excess of 225 million dollars with sales teams comprised of 960 professionals. He has served as an executive for multibillion dollar businesses. 

 Cooper Bell, Software Developer
Cooper Bell is a software developer for Preston Software. He is versed in multiple computer languages, and platforms including, RPGLE, CLP, SQL, C#, and the .NET framework. His development work includes computer language interpreters and translators in cross platform environments. His work has contributed to multiple business artificial intelligence techniques and tools.

Mr. Bell is a swim coach, and instructor with over ten years of experience. As a coach he works with athletes’ ages four and up with teams averaging 50 members. 

Mr. Bell has served as an assistant to an applied behavior analyst and holds a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Texas State University with an additional emphasis in accounting, symbolic logic, and proof writing. Mr. Bell is a professional bagpiper.

Joshua Preston, Software Engineer
Joshua Preston is a software engineer for Preston Software. He is well versed in multiple programming languages and frameworks including C, C#, C++, RPGLE, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, Swift, and Python. He is also knowledgeable with DBMS such as MySQL, SSMS14, IBM DB2, and PHPMYADMIN.

Mr. Preston has worked on topics in regards to asymptotic time complexities, sorting algorithms, and Boolean algebra. He joined Preston Software in 2015 where he primarily works on developing fast and efficient business software through proprietary artificial intelligence technologies.

Mr. Preston holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science with a minor in mathematics from the University of Kentucky’s College of Engineering. In addition, he holds an associate degree in science from Blue Grass Community Technical College. His work is focused on building dynamic artificially intelligent business solutions/applications.   

Mr. Preston enjoys reading about topics such as differential equations and multivariable calculus. He is also a volunteer tutor/solution provider for the largely known mathematics solution website “Slader”.

Jacob Preston, Software Engineer
Jacob Preston is a software engineer for Preston Software. He is well versed in multiple programming languages and frameworks including C, C#, C++, RPGLE. He is also knowledgeable with DMBS such as MySQL, Mcrosoft SQL Server and IBM DB2.
Mr. Preston’s development includes but is not limited to server/client applications, dynamic menu systems, and a variety of other topics.

Judy Williams, Software Developer and Office Administrator
Judy Williams is a software developer at Preston Software and is also responsible for beta testing and debugging, assisting the Director of Sales and Marketing in marketing research, office management, and maintaining business documentation.   

Ms. Williams’s work experience is diverse in a multitude of areas such as business, law, manufacturing, and technology. Through her diverse work experience, Ms. Williams has developed the skills to manage projects on both a micro level requiring attention to many details and on a macro level requiring the ability to manage general aspects of business processes.

Ms. Williams’s work experience began in 1987 at Lockheed in Houston, Texas. At Lockheed, Ms. Williams began working in human resources, managing the employment application submissions process. Ms. Williams later transferred to the accounting department where she was responsible for reconciling accounts payable and assisted in preparing bid proposals for NASA’s Space Transportation System contracts. 

Ms. Williams obtained a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of Colorado. While searching for a career in the area of sociology, Ms. Williams found temporary employment at Carefree of Colorado and was later hired full-time in engineering documentation. Her tasks at Carefree included data processing in which she cleaned up the parts database on the AS/400, researching and writing engineering change orders, creating and maintaining builds of material, assisting engineering in drafting using AutoCAD, coordinating and maintaining quality control documentation, advising manufacturing and purchasing on the disposition of obsolete material, and establishing pricing for new replacement part assemblies.
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