The Plate-It! Solution
Plate-Itis a document management solution for businesses that spend a great deal of time creating standardized documents that need to be customized based on unique circumstances, such as request for information letters sent to customers.  

Many businesses still handle their standardized documents utilizing word processors, requiring them to modify their documents for each customer by copying and pasting relevant text from a text file into the document. Some businesses make copies of one document containing a long list of all of the possible components and check mark each component that is relevant to a specific customer. With Plate-It!, the standard components of the document are in place and the user only needs to click on the unique components to be included in the document. Plate-It! also comes with a built-in email feature, allowing your business to create and send documents quickly and efficiently in PDF format. We have created a modern approach to the concept of boilerplating used in the legal profession since the invention of the typewriter.

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