Profound UI

The Profound UI Solution
Modernize your RPG application with Profound UI!  Profound UI is a suite of tools that transforms your IBMI i platform applications into web-based applications while allowing your business to retain its current source code on the IBM i. With the Profound UI modules, you don't need to be an expert in Web development to create graphically enhanced web-based applications!  

As a re-seller of Profound Logic software, we offer the Profound UI Suite which includes six modernization modules as well as offer the Profound UI modules separately.  The modules include:
  • Visual Designer: A browser-based design tool that lets you drag-and-drop your way to modern RPG and PHP applications
  • DDS Conversion Tool: Automates the process of converting source code to Rich Display Files for browser-based RPG applications
  • RPG Open Access Handler:Takes RPG applications beyond the 5250 data stream and to any Web browser
  • JumpStart Application Generator: Quickly produce clean, modern PHP and RPG code without starting from scratch 
  • Genie: Instantly refaces your 5250 green-screens in web and mobile browsers
  • Atrium: Replaces "green screen" menus with centralized, streamlined and secure web browser navigation
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